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Spearfishing, Spearos, Spearfishing Gear, Florida
Spearfishing, Spearos, Spearfishing Gear, Florida

The First Real Spearfishing Safety Innovation in Decades!

Toothless delivers more spear time & virtually ends shark visits.

Spearos, STOP poking away sharks and losing valuable spear time. Toothless is the only spearfishing device designed by professional boat captains and spearfishing experts to deliver safety, simplicity, and communication to the underwater hunting world. A six part float system instantly floats your catch to the surface and communicates your location to the captain. Color codes tells the surface crew exactly when you're headed up and where! No more waving like a mad diver for a boat headed away from you as excited predators circle below. Discover the future of underwater hunting with TOOTHLESS!


Listen to Captain Kent Bonde speak about the shark encounter he endured, & the events following the incident.

Shark Encounter Survivor Interview - Captain Kent Bonde
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"I have been diving since 1983 with 1500 + dives, and have always tried to get my fish out of the water asap. When I saw your setup with a few members in he SFSC, I thought it was awesome!


As soon as I got my kit, I was in the water using it just a few days later. It was 2nd dive towards the end, 65 ft with 50 ft vis, strong North current, and we shot 2 Jacks. Your system made it super easy! We were able to use the stringers on each of the individual bags to string the fish, power inflate the bags, and send both fish to the surface in just seconds.


We were low on air when we shot them, and immediately started to surface with 600/700 psi each to get to our safety stop.  During the ascent we saw a huge bull shark coming South (from the North), apparently chasing the bloodstream from our fish, and the shark proceeded under us, directly to the spot where we were spearfishing. Another "toothless" experience, as we were already there and gone before what would have been a more challenging shark encounter!"

-Mike Mitson, South Florida Spearfishing Club

Stop wasting valuable diving time struggling with the weight of a hard stringer and upgrade to Toothless! 
This is everything you need as an underwater hunter to spend more time spearing and less time poking. The full kit comes complete with float system, 5 regular Toothless floats, instant inflate hose, awesome Toothless bag, soft stringer, four foot final float, and all fish spikes. 
Check out this video to see how the Toothless Spearfishing Safety System works, and why it's the perfect spearo tool.
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Partnering with Project Aware and federal agencies across the USA, Toothless created the DMS system for floating debris from our beloved oceans. Hurricanes, fishing equipment, ghost crab traps, and regular trash all stress out our oceans and the beloved animals that live in them. Join a local dive shop and use DMS to clean up your water! Click here to learn more about Project Aware and events you can join in your area.

Do the right thing, Go Toothless DMS!

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...a Toothless lift system for lion fish keepers!
Lion Lift is the perfect safety addition to your lion fish kit. Just wrap the Toothless belt around any style of lion fish keeper and you will turn your day of clearing the reefs of this invasive nightmare into a safety hunter/boat communication device. 
Safety, doing what's right for the environment, removing invasive species, and surface/subsurface communication, all in one perfect kit.

"It's simply a better, safer way to do the right thing, I love to get the keeper off me after I've scooped up some Lions and enjoy the rest of my bottom time"

-R. Bertoli ~ Ft Lauderdale, FL

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"This is why you need Toothless products. These get very heavy when they're full of fish!"
- Captain Tony Young
Forever Young Charter Company
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