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Toothless Free Diver Belt Sleeve (with 1 float)


Toothless Free Diver Belt Sleeve (with 1 float)

  • Shallow water blackout is a real issue for those who like to drop the gear and dive on a single breath. Freedivers know when they push a little, maybe one extra fin kick to take that perfect shot. Then, we head to the surface and secure our fish, most times holding the fish close to us for the ride to the surface.

    Our Free Diver Toothless float slides on to your weight belt, is mouth inflated (your regular exhale in your last 10 feet or so) and now you have freedom from your catch. Your fish floats freely to the surface no matter what. In the event of a blackout, Toothless also acts as a marker float for where you should have surfaced! Now the boat comes to scoop up the catch and if you are not on the surface, the boat has a beginning of where you should be.

    Be safe spearos, get a Free Dive Toothless rig for your gear. Each FD comes with one sleeve for your weight belt and one float, add as many as you like--be free, be safe, Go Toothless!


    "There is no way in hell I'm Free Diving without one, Go Toothless!"

    -D. Knittel, Big Pine Key, FL

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