This is the spear innovation everyone is talking about.


Launched at DEMA 2016, Toothless is the game changer we've been looking for.

This is the entire kit which includes: 

  • 5 Toothless detachable floats
  • Soft stringer system
  • Instant inflate hose
  • Durable Toothless bag
  • Detachable "end of dive" yellow four foot Toothelss float (for a total of 6+ fish per dive).


Click HERE to see it in action!

Toothless 6-Pack System

  • This is everyting you need as an underwater hunter to spend more time spearing and less time poking. Kit comes complete with float system, 5 regular Tootheless floats, instant inflate hose, awesome Toothless bag, soft stringer, four foot final float, and all fish spikes. 

  • Call us with any issues, we are an awesome company and will work something out that you'll be happy with!