Fish, fish, fish everywhere! For the Spearos out there that are true killers, sometimes the 6-pack is just not enough. We HEAR YOU!


Introducing the PRO Kit 8 from Toothless. This highly attractive hybrid kit comes with 4x18" floats on one side of the soft stringer for snapper, grouper, Hogfish, and other fish of this size. The other side of the soft stringer has an additional 4x30" floats for 8 total! Shooting big Jacks, Cobia, Tuna, bigger Dolphin, Carbo, and other freezer fillers, pull off the bigger 30" Toothless floats and Shoot 'Em UP!


Introducing: Toothless Speed Clip

We have Captain Mike's Spearo buddy Shawn to thank for this innovation!

With all-new Toothless kits, the GOM 6-pack, the 3 float EC-East Coast, and the new PRO Kit 8, all floats come with the new swivel Speed Clip.

The clip saves you time and effort on the surface as you are separating your fish from the floats. You simply "unclip" the spike and line from the float, and slide your catch directly into the fish box. No longer do you need to re-pass the spike through the fish to reset your float. Thanks, Shawn!

PRO Kit 8 - Toothless Spearfishing Safety System