NEW from Toothless!

Lion Lift is the perfect safety addition to your Lion Fish kit. Just wrap the Toothless belt around any style of Lionfish keeper and you will turn your day of clearing the reefs of this invasive nightmare into a safety hunter/boat communication device.


Each side of the Lion Lift features a 6' foot inflatable lift system.


Inflate the orange float when you want to stay down diving, but no longer want to carry the cumbersome lion fish keeper around with you!


Inflate and send up the yellow float when you have completed your dive and want to let the boat know that you'll be 20 feet under the float, completing your safety stop. 


Lion Lift from Toothless also comes with two (2) of our patented spearfishing detachable 18" floats with spike system. This allows you, while Lion fishing, to also take other fish; grouper, hogfish, snapper, etc and send them to the surface like our original Toothless system.


Safety, doing what's right for the environment, removing invasive species, and surface/subsurface communication, all in one perfect kit.


***DISCLAIMER: Lion Lift is the belt strap and lifts only. Lionfish keepers and spear sold separately.***


"It's simply a better, safer way to do the right thing, I love to get the keeper off me after I've scooped up some Lions and enjoy the rest of my bottom time"

-R. Bertoli

Ft Lauderdale, FL


Lion Lift